One of the largest concerns of recycling today is managing electronic waste.  E-waste includes cell phones, computers, televisions, VCR’s, copiers, and fax machines – anything with a battery or a plug.  While some of this equipment can be recycled or donated to charities, much of it is obsolete or broken.  When taken to a landfill for disposal, e-waste takes up valuable room.  Worse, it has the potential to release metals such as mercury and lead into the environment, although placing e-waste in a landfill is healthier for the environment than incineration.  When incinerated, the plastics release dioxins into the air.  The only national legislation regarding e-waste applies to cathode ray tubes (CRT) from computer and television monitors.  This legislation states that CRT will not be considered solid waste when processed for recycling.  This act saves recyclers from having to abide by strict solid waste regulations and keeps the waste from being considered hazardous.  But because it only affects one component of the volume of e-waste generated, it doesn’t really help the e-waste recycling industry as a whole.

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