Commercial Guidelines

Commercial Rate Tipping Fee:

$40.25 per ton


To apply for a charge account or update information for your business, please complete and return the application form below.


You can submit your application by standard USPS mail to: 361 Livestock Road, Rustburg, VA 24588, or fax it to (434) 847-1809 to the attention of Felicia WestBusiness Manager.


Need Replacement Copies of Waste Disposal Receipts

Drivers will be given a Waste Disposal Receipt before exiting the outbound scale.  If a driver fails to bring back a waste disposal receipt(s) we can reproduce the receipt for an additional fee.  

  • $2.00 per ticket for each waste disposal receipt reproduced with a date range within the last three months.  
  • $3.00 per ticket for each waste disposal receipt reproduced with a date range outside the last three months.

Note: This fee will be added onto your next monthly billing statement.

All requests for copies of your scalehouse ticket(s) must be in writing.  

Please submit request by fax at: (434) 847-1809  or e-mail to: Felcia West 


Inert materials such as clean dirt, brick, block and concrete without rebar are only accepted at the Livestock Road Regional Landfill, and at no charge, as long as the loads are separated and fragmented into pieces that are less than one cubic foot.

The scalehouse operator must be informed of inert loads.  All load will be inspected for qualification to determine if the load can be admited at no charge.  The scalehouse operator may ask the driver for the following information:

  • where the loads are coming from
  • type of inert material
  • approximate length of the job
  • approximate number of loads
  • name of the company hauling the inert material.

If the load is determined unacceptable (e.g.: if it is not adequately separated), then the load will be weighed and charged at the current commercial rate tipping fee.

Note: Items that are not considered inert materials: metal, wood, sawdust, asphalt, concrete with metal rebar or wire, leaves, ash, and grass.

Special Waste Disposal
Special Waste is accepted at the Regional Landfill on a case-by-case basis and approval is required. We accept industrial, non-food comercial, construction and demolition debris and other forms of special waste.