City of Lynchburg and Campbell County Residents: 

Residents of the City of Lynchburg and Campbell County may bring up to 500 pounds of residential household waste per calendar month to the Livestock Road Regional Landfill for free with no limit on the number of trips.

Should a resident exceed the 500-pound limit in a single calendar month, there will be a charge of $0.40 for every 20 pounds over the 500-pound limit.  

Residents will be asked to verify their city or county residency with a valid driver’s license or current utility bill (within the last two months).

Special Notes:

  • The Livestock Road Regional Landfill and Concord Turnpike Convenience Center only accept CASH or CHECK as forms of payment.
  • City of Lynchburg residents are encouraged to bring their residential household waste to the Concord Turnpike Convenience Center.. The same unlimited trips, up to 500 pounds, per calendar month guidelines apply. 
  • Campbell County residents are encouraged to use the Campbell County Landfill Center located on Livestock Road (across the street from the livestock market) or any of the rural transfer sites for disposing of residential household waste.  
  • Campbell County residents must bring all large items such as appliances, mattresses, furniture, tires and brush to the Campbell County Landfill Center.  
  • According to Campbell County Code, shingles and dead animals must be taken to the Livestock Road Regional Landfill and residents will be charged the commercial tipping rate fee
  • Campbell County residents may find more information about residential household waste disposal online by visiting Campbell County Waste Management & Recycling.

Appomattox County and Nelson County Residents:

Residents of these communities should continue to use the transfer stations or convenience centers established throughout their community. For more information on residential household waste disposal in either of one of these communities, select the desired County from the following list:

Appomattox County

Nelson County